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New generation leadership: is leadership an age?

Iluta Gaile | March 15, 2023

It has often been said that age is just a number, but whether or not this is the case in the working world is highly debated. Discrimination can be felt at both ends of the age spectrum and a lack of age diversity has been proven time again to be detrimental to the growth and stability of organizations. So how to combine the old and new school of leadership?

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Redefining talent in the ever-changing consumer world

| March 2, 2023

The role of talent in the transformation of consumer products has evolved considerably with the consumer industry relying heavily on tastes and trends and of course the consumer themselves. Those involved in it need to be open, innovative and ready and able to adjust to what each market presents. Every trend, minor and mega, counts! Skillsets must be constantly fine-tuned to keep up, and companies need to partner with recruiters and networks who have their finger on the pulse. But what skills are we talking about and how do you find the right candidates and know-how? We discussed the latest recruitment trends determining clients’ needs across the consumer sector and the skills required for success.

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Keeping it in the family

| Feb. 23, 2023

The support of a family is unparalleled in terms of the comfort it can provide in whatever situation a person may find themselves in. A very special and meaningful place to have this support is in business if you are lucky enough to run your business with family. But of course, like any setup with family and the deep trust involved, it is not without its trials and difficulties. How do you navigate this and what is the formula for success? We spoke to some owners of family businesses from our global network to get their take on being involved in a family business and how to drive and maintain continued success despite the many hurdles that can occur.

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Sourcing talent in challenging times

| Feb. 22, 2023

In late 2022, Kestria conducted an internal survey to provide insight into global and regional trends impacting talent availability and dynamics at senior leadership level. We drew on the combined experience of the largest executive search alliance in the world. The survey considered geopolitical and economic factors contributing to volatility, disruption and uncertainty impacting the global job market. It was complemented by anecdotal accounts offered by Kestria partners representing the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Talent for Banking & Financial Services: Is hybrid working here to stay?

| Feb. 16, 2023

There are mixed views of hybrid work and what it does for productivity, but the general view is positive and many businesses, particularly in fintech, don’t even have offices anymore. But is it here to stay? And how to attract and retain talent in this setup? We discussed the future of hybrid work for Banking and Financial Services (BFS) and how far-reaching it will become with our colleagues across the globe.

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Digitalization in manufacturing and the critical skills for success

| Feb. 9, 2023

The global effect of disruptive technology has brought huge productivity improvements in manufacturing. The changing and differentiated demands of customers push the industry to improve production in the Industry 4.0 concept and increased knowledge in data science has made data analytics possible and more meaningful. Because of this, there is an urgency in manufacturing companies to change their technology and especially their knowledge, and in turn, their workforce skills to stay competitive. So, what does digitalization mean to manufacturing organizations and what kinds of leaders are required to help organizations to take this step? Our colleagues in the industry have exchanged thoughts on finding and retaining talent in the digital age and what companies are looking for in terms of hard and soft skills.

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Hiring in the metaverse

| Feb. 2, 2023

What is the metaverse and how will it shape the future of the technology sector and recruitment? The metaverse is seen by some as a vision of the future, not a specific technology but a combination of a lot of virtual technologies and equipment, so we are talking about a lot of things that are virtual and applied in many spheres of business from finance to healthcare and education. These things need to have authenticity to become popular and useful. The boundless opportunities are rich, along with the challenges. We got together with our global experts to discuss the pros and cons of this exciting landscape, and how to hire across its diverse and borderless expanse.

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Global mobility for talented agribusiness professionals

| Jan. 27, 2023

As the struggle for sustainable food production continues, agribusiness and effective recruitment within it have become ever more important. What kind of talent helps drive success for companies in the industry and what is most important to today’s talent? We summoned our global experts to discuss the importance of international talent in this sphere as well as the current trends in mobility from both the client and candidate perspectives, from the various global regions they operate in.

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Want to make leadership impact? Appoint women (at least two) to the C-suite!

Debbie Goodman | Jan. 17, 2023

An abundance of research now exists to show, beyond a shadow of doubt, that appointing women to the C-suite is not only the right thing to do from an ethical and moral perspective but also the savvy business strategy. In fact, all high-quality, commercially-oriented business strategies should nowadays ensure that top management structures include at least two women. Here’s why…

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The global talent shortage, what are the solutions and how have we adapted our recruiting strategies to address them

| Jan. 12, 2023

The healthcare industry is a very specialized and complex area of recruitment to navigate. The challenges presented by the talent shortage are felt in particular in this area. We have spent some time with global experts from our network to get their take on the current situation and executive search strategies being applied to address them.

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