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Discover “CHOP” an exclusive culinary simulation crafted to align with your company’s unique culture and objectives. We use the term “simulation” because it is meticulously designed to mirror the challenges encountered by companies, and implemented through our interactive culinary experiences. This personalized experience is not just about cooking; it’s a strategic tool designed to address your organization’s specific challenges. Through the universal language of food, we create a vibrant atmosphere where creativity flourishes, and collaboration is the main ingredient.

Our team works closely with you to understand the hurdles you face and the goals you aspire to achieve. We then curate a series of culinary experiences that mirror these challenges, transforming them into opportunities for growth and learning. Whether it’s enhancing communication, fostering leadership, or reinforcing company values, our culinary journey is tailored to ensure that your team not only meets but exceeds its objectives.

Engage in this immersive, hands-on experience where every recipe is a metaphor for success, and every dish is a step towards stronger team dynamics. With “CHOP” you’re not just preparing food; you’re cooking up the future of your enterprise.

Chef Heba El Azab

With a Diploma in Culinary Arts from City & Guilds London, Heba has cultivated a versatile skill set blending culinary expertise and strategic acumen. Mentored by Chef Markus Iten, head of the Egyptian Chefs Association, and several Michelin-starred chefs, Heba has achieved notable accolades including winning the Female Chef of the Year Award and ranking #1 in Egypt at the Egyptian Senior Chef's Cook-Off. This led to the honor of representing Egypt in The Chefs World Cup. Currently, Heba leads a dynamic cooking school and curates bespoke gourmet food experiences tailored to clients' preferences. Her past roles include consulting for several corporate F&B's and instructing under the "It’s All About Cakes" program. Her diverse experiences have shaped her into a committed professional, dedicated to delivering culinary excellence.

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