Overcoming the challenges of historical adversity for smooth international cooperation

Overcoming the challenges of historical adversity for smooth international cooperation
July 19, 2022
5 minutes

A normal request against an extraordinary backdrop

Executive summary

Our case in this instance begins with a seemingly simple request from the client: support in the recruitment of various professionals in the world of technology, industry and services. We have the task, we have the skills, but the “how”, was a very different story and was rife with challenges.

The client as a government organization is the highest level possible so as the sole partner in cooperation, our decision in proceeding with the cooperation was to do everything possible to provide the best possible service to the client, even if this meant tinkering our own internal and external processes. 

Turning barriers to success into stepping stones 

As experience has taught us time and time again, communication is the key to getting ahead.  As per normal process, we met with the client to get a feel for their business and what the aim of this extensive hiring was, and how it should be aligned with their vision and plans for the coming years. Once we had consulted and this was clear to us, the next steps, although requiring a shift in how we normally do things, also became clear to us. We pride ourselves on always making a concerted effort to align ourselves with the visions of our clients. Once their vision becomes our vision, we are able to adapt and adjust our process to get to where both sides need to be.  


Multicultural aspect

With our partner for this project in Israel and needing to recruit for the Client in UAE, our efforts were broadened in the cultural aspect too, not least because of the extension of our capacity to new approaches but working with territories that were new to us. 


Geopolitical challenge

Where international cooperation is concerned, in particular when we perform this type of recruitment in a foreign territory, it is never without its challenges. This project had an additional complicated geopolitical background for us to contend with, associated with a previous peace agreement. This more complicated backdrop had to be handled with great care and involved enhancement of a previously informal relationship to becoming a formal one. 



The sheer organization of this search required us to extend our own resources with some freelance support as well as adjustment of working hours for some of the team. Expertise applied also had to be carefully considered on our side given that at any one time we could be hiring a GM for a factory and a doctor. This additional depth made the project all the more interesting. 


One point of contact 

The client requested a single point of contact which was difficult to uphold given the fact that we were recruiting for multiple roles across multiple industries. This was further complicated by the roles being not just executive but also mid-level which we took on as an exception to provide full service to the client.  


Covid 19 

The pandemic further challenged us in this respect given that it prevented us from being able to send candidates to the client. Given that the client is a government entity, not being able to have candidates attend in person both slows and complicates the selection process which tends to be more stringent at government level. 

candidates having been tested
candidates in phase of relocation
roles currently in progress

A solid path established and clear roadmap to success ahead 

As we close the first year of this process, our careful and intricate mapping has proven to be on point with around 2000 candidates having been tested to date, 5 candidates in the phase of relocation and 10/15 roles currently in progress. 

This project has so far been a true testament to what even a boutique firm can achieve with the mindset and consistent focus on the needs and desired of the client, which helps us to see through barriers and the most complex of difficulties though understanding and teamwork.  


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