Kestria, formerly IRC Global Executive Search Partners, launched last week

April 11, 2022
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Kestria, formerly IRC Global Executive Search Partners, launched last week
The much heralded change is here. Kestria is the world’s newest and also most established executive search alliance, known previously as IRC Global Executive Search Partners.

For almost three decades IRC has been delivering services to their clients wherever in the world through their extensive network of member firms. Not only has IRC become the largest executive search alliance with offices in more than 40 countries and 90 cities, but has developed a reputation for trust, reliability and expertise. 

With the year 2020 comes the renaming IRC to Kestria, Fluent in finding leaders. The new name represents a new chapter in their journey and a passion for connecting clients with the right leaders by developing enduring relationship built on deep local knowledge and unparalleled global alliance.

Jan Holmström
Kestria Founding Partner

Jan Holmström, Kestria Founding Partner, commented: ‘Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.’

Now, more than ever, businesses and organisations around the world need leaders who can help them navigate through challenging times as well as in times of opportunity. The new name and brand bring genuine excitement to Kestria members. The alliance is even more energized by the opportunities to serve their existing and new clients.

Stepan Motejzik
Kestria Global Alliance Director

'We are excited to introduce our new name and brand to the world. It reinforces our unique value proposition to deliver the best possible talent across the global, always employing a full personal dedication of our senior search experts and their deep local market and industry knowledge', Stepan Motejzik, Kestria Global Alliance Director says.

About Kestria

Kestria is a global professional alliance of executive search firms, united in their commitment to support clients in sourcing and retaining key leadership talent. Our partners are as culturally and geographically diverse as our clients. Located in 40+ countries, 90+ cities on six continents, Kestria has the footprint and agility needed to serve multinationals and SMEs with dedication and a personal touch.

We’ve successfully completed 40,000+ searches for over 4,000 clients, serving everyone from game-changing start-ups to major global players. Ranked as the world's largest retained executive search alliance in terms of geographical coverage, Kestria is Fluent in finding leaders.

Contact information
Stepan Motejzik, Kestria Global Alliance Director 
Phone: + 420 608 102 893

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