Kestria presents a new partner in Switzerland

May 2, 2023
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Kestria presents a new partner in Switzerland
After recently announcing a new partner in Zambia, Kestria expands its presence in Europe by adding a new member firm in Switzerland, as part of the continued alliance expansion.

Kestria Switzerland: Viavanta is an Executive Search firm founded in 2016 and based in Zurich. Moving people, the mission statement of Kestria Switzerland, is also their calling. For years, Kestria Switzerland has been accompanying and inspiring its partners at the board and management level in operational and strategic issues. Experience and commitment in executive search, insider knowledge of the target market and a transparent approach are part of their recipe for success. Kestria Switzerland has a proven track record in the following industries: Consumer & Retail, Technology and Industrial / Production. In addition, they regularly lead senior management mandates in other industries.

Philipp Mathieu
Managing Partner, Kestria Switzerland

Philipp Mathieu, Managing Partner, Kestria Switzerland adds: ‘It is a great honour for us to represent Switzerland as an important hub in Europe and the world within the global alliance and we are very excited to move into the future together with Kestria. Since our first contact with Kestria, we have been impressed by the alignment of our values and understanding of executive search with those of Kestria. By building personal relationships with members around the world, regular knowledge sharing and active global collaboration, Viavanta will take a big step in the company's history!’

Stepan Motejzik
Kestria Global Alliance Director

Stepan Motejzik, Kestria Global Alliance Director, comments: ‘We are thrilled to welcome Viavanta as our new member in Switzerland. As a leading executive search alliance, we recognize the importance of the Swiss market, which is a critical economy worldwide with extensive international exposure and substantial business opportunities. With Viavanta, we have a new strong partner who will help all Kestria members serve their local and international clients who are based in Switzerland or invest within the territory. We look forward to collaborating with Viavanta and delivering exceptional executive search services in Switzerland.’

About Kestria

Kestria is a global professional alliance of executive search firms, united in their commitment to support clients in sourcing and retaining key leadership talent. Our partners are as culturally and geographically diverse as our clients. Located in 40+ countries, 90+ cities on six continents, Kestria has the footprint and agility needed to serve multinationals and SMEs with dedication and a personal touch.

We’ve successfully completed 40,000+ searches for over 4,000 clients, serving everyone from game-changing start-ups to major global players. Ranked as the world's largest retained executive search alliance in terms of geographical coverage, Kestria is Fluent in finding leaders.

Contact information
Stepan Motejzik, Kestria Global Alliance Director 
Phone: + 420 608 102 893

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